Samora logo The Sign Mounting event was a memorable cerimony, especially with the help of our next generation members, Márcio and Gonçalo!
Márcio and Gonçalo helping

After much thought and prayer, our Samora team came up with a dozen reasons to name our building PARK PLACE. In summary, our building doesn't look like a church and we want to reenforce with our believers that the church is people, along with the fact that our prayer is to have a multi-purpose building that will house the BestSeller Bookstore again, and be a place our neighborhood will be welcome to use too - for events or family reunions or birthday parties and where we can offer help to our community through English clubs or music lessons without the barrier of entering a "protestant church." Our address is 50 Park Street with a childrens playground park & soccer court across the street, which may help explain the idea for the name. It also gives us inspiration for developing activities to benefit outreach. Your prayers a so appreciated!

Park across the street