Favorite Books



Walking from East to West was loaned to my by Craig Beatty and I'm so grateful for this special gesture!  Since I was born and raised in India for the first 12 years of my life, this book has not just been interesting to read and visualize places the author mentions, but has brought a new understanding to my "terra natal" = my birth land and thank the Lord for the privilege of personally knowing and feeling comfortable in "the East."  On top of this, Ravi Zacharias' personal story of God changing his life and using him in such amazing ways is very moving and so encouraging to read!



The Prodigal God was recommended to me by a dear friend, Mrs. Darlene Findley.  I believe it's the best treaty of Jesus' parable regarding the two sons, the younger normally known as the prodigal son, but showing how each son represents most all of us and how we approach God. Very convicting and enlightening!  It also helped me to understand the thinking process of how morally good people are just as lost as those who obviously break all the rules.


I found this book to be one of the best books, (if not the best), on Leadership in relation to the church today and the struggle between the extremes of being "Culturally Relevant" or to retreat in the fortress of what I call Traditional Neo-Amishism. Reeder formulates and expresses what I haven't been able to put together in such a logical fashion, and therefore really appreciate this book, and highly recommend it to my fellow servant-leaders.  Thank you Marv VanDyke for loaning this book to me! (I had to buy my own copy)


This book was a tremendous benefit in helping me articulate the importance of being totally satisfied in identifying with Christ.  Thank you Andy Wallin for giving me this book to read!  I have bought a few and offered them to some of my friends that are struggling with answers in relation to the "stereotypical" idea of God.






I enjoyed reading this book by my good friend of 35 some years, Gil Thomas, who wrote this as An Evangelism and Discipleship Training Narrative, which is a scaled-down version of the Good Soil E & D seminar in a narrative format. Not only will the reader learn the Good Soil E & D principles, he may also be motivated to take the training to learn more. This book is not available in most bookstore, but I have copies of this book for sale in our new bookstore. You can check out their main website at: www.goodsoil.com

lr Of all the books on helping couples with their marriages, there are a number of good ones in print, but this is my favorite because I believe it gets to the very basic issues of the roles for husband and wife, seen a fresh from the sacred scriptures. Marilyn and I attended one of their seminars at First Baptist in Elkhart some years ago, and thanks to their missions committee, they provided for us the DVD series for us to use here in Portugal.

My most recent reading is this book by a college friend who's talent has been greatly used by God. I was encouraged to see that in a small way, the Lord has been leading us down a similiar path with our ParkPlace project, but obviously in a much reduced scale. I highly recommend reading and implimenting at least a few of Steve's ideas in Loving Your Community to the Glory of God and the growth of the gospel!